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Dan Crohn has been performing stand up comedy in and around Boston for years. His jokes can be heard on XM Radio and he has been a guest on the popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron.

A semi-finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival and the Laughing Skull Festival, Dan's stories of family and friends have entertained audiences from all over the country. Dan was named one of the top 100 comics for Season 9 of Last Comic Standing.

His former day job of teaching 4th graders has provided him with endless amount of material. He has wanted to be a comedian since the age of eight when he stumbled upon his Father's Henny Youngman records.



The Funniest Fifth Grade Teacher

by Tara Rufo (Blast Magazine)

When we hear the words "school teacher," comedian doesn't usually come to mind. Dan Crohn, however, is the fifth grade teacher-turned-comedian you wish you had. "Kids rule, adults are serious and boring. They say the classroom is a stage as well. It's unpredictable, just like doing standup," said Crohn.

Some people may consider Crohn's performances to be vulgar and certainly not suitable for a young audience. And today's technology makes it easy for anyone to look him up on the internet; even Crohn's fifth graders could gain access to his performances on YouTube.

"Vulgar, wow, that's such an adult word. It's hard to spell," Crohn joked. "You know what else is hard to spell, my last name; making it hard for my internet savvy students to find me." Touche, Mr. Crohn.

To his delight, some of Crohn's students are already showing signs of a future in comedy. "I see their ability to be funny without trying. Children have an amazing sense of comedic timing which they don't even realize," he said.

Crohn was born in California, but his family moved to New York shortly thereafter. When he was just five years old his parents packed him up again and moved to Boston. Said Crohn, "My parents made me … you really don't have a say in such matters."

Looking back at what he was like in the fifth grade, Crohn called himself a "popular loser." "It was the year before we started getting grades, so I think it went pretty well." ...

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Funny business: Narrows Center for the Arts tries something new with comedy show

by Linda Murphy (The Herald News)

... Calling him a future superstar in the industry, Smith said Dan Crohn is a New England star headed for much bigger days in the comedy industry. A Boston Comedy Festival finalist, Crohn has appeared at the LA Improv, Catch a Rising Star in Reno and New York's The Laugh Lounge and Gotham Comedy Club.

A resident of Brookline, Crohn said his comedy is inspired by his years of teaching fifth-graders, family and friends. "I just produced a show called "Black Shabbot" with a lineup of all Jewish comedians," said Crohn. "We're hoping to do it again around Christmas."

In addition to regularly performing at popular comedy venues in Boston, Crohn said he's opened for some of the bigger names in comedy:

Nick DiPaulo, Greg Geraldo and Pauly Shore. This week he's opening a show with a real blast from the past, JJ Walker of the 1970s TV hit "Good Times." ...

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